Energy Star has put together the below graphic representations of a home with a poor thermal
envelope versus a home with a sealed thermal envelope.
Homes built and insulated
without taking the thermal
envelope into account have
unstable transmission of air
and vapor from inside to
outside and outside to inside.  
This results in air infiltration,
which allows for abuse and
over use of heating,
ventilation and air conditioning
(HVAC) systems.

Here is a picture of a home
using spray foam insulation.  
This is one example of sealing
the thermal envelope while
maintaining a vented attic
space. The HVAC system now
supplies filtered, microbe free
air and controls temperature
and humidity levels.  Now that
the thermal envelope is sealed
the HVAC system can work
more efficiently
(saving you money
and saving the environment from

Orange color represents Spray
Foam Insulation.
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Building Science and air infiltration
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