Building Professional

Through the use of insulation, Ecologic specializes in creating and installing thermal envelopes for residential and commercial buildings. All too often the insulation needs of a home or building require more than one type of insulation. Choosing the right type and quantity of insulation is critical to achieving high performance in energy efficiency and value.

Energy efficiency is at the forefront of concern for residential and commercial building design. Architectural design has never proved to be more challenging and more encompassing then what the general public is currently demanding; energy conscious, made from renewable resources, long term sustainability and a low carbon footprint. All of these requirements can be achieved with spray foam insulation (SPF). Escaping the mindset of the "ventilated attic space" through the use of SPF allows for broader design freedom - the freedom to create lines, slopes and details that would otherwise be impossible through the use of conventional insulation. The ability for SPF to adhere and expand while conforming to irregular geometry allows for an almost unlimited range of use.
Whether it's SPF, fiberglass, rock wool or cellulose, Ecologic offers insulation solutions to accommodate any application.

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