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Southern New England offers unique weather fluctuations all year round. The summers are hot and the winters are cold. Drastic price fluctuations of home heating oil, electricity and natural gas over the last 2 years have raised concerns for Southern New Englanders: How to efficiently keep your home or office temperately functional while under a budget.

True independence from unstable energy pricing for your home or office starts with insulation. With more insulation comes more savings and increased comfort that can be experienced. In addition to conventional insulation products Ecologic also offers e offer organic blends of Spray Foam Insulation that are derived from plant based renewables and/or recycled content. One system offered can insulate over 1600 sq/ft of exterior wall at an R-20 while using 100 recycled plastic bottles. With Ecologic not only can you reduce your heating and cooling bill (which results in decreasing your pollution output), you are doing so with products derived from the earth or made from recycled content.

For existing homes, we specialize in increasing thermal protection in the attic and basement / crawl space areas – two of the main culprit areas for thermal energy loss. For new construction projects, it is essential that we provide design advice input from the beginning. By working with your Architect or General Contractor we can establish your thermal envelope and decrease costs in other segments of the building process such as:

• Reducing framing stud sizing
• Reducing HVAC tonnage size
• Reducing the need for certain types of exterior sheathing raps
• Eliminates the need for a separate air barrier (spray foam insulation is an air barrier)
• Eliminates the need for a vapor retarder (closed cell foam insulation is a vapor retarder)

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