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New Construction: Residential & Commercial

Our proficiency in the new construction, (particularly custom residential) segment of construction has garnered a lot of attention for us in Southern New England. Attention which has earned us placement in nationally and locally syndicated magazines as well as performing work on a project featured on A&E television. We've been working in alliance with architects and general contractors to develop a value added approach to insulation. Nowhere, has foam been more relevant than in the custom home market where designers demand high performing products that allow complete design freedom. Meeting and exceeding minimum energy efficiency specifications is a goal with every project we collaborate on. Spray foam insulation establishes an air & moisture barrier with the highest available R-value per volume. No other insulation medium can provide these three benefits.

Insulation specifications should be discussed as project plans and ideas flow to paper. Insulation design has effects on HVAC, framing, plumbing line routing, as well as many other facets of architectural design. Utilizing the right materials to match project demands is vital for the longevity and performance of our customer's properties. Our field team members help to transition what is on paper to reality. From design to installation, everyone at Ecologic is passionate about efficiency and insulation. This is why our repeat customer base continues coming back to us project after project.

Opting for spray applied foam insulation is an investment that pays back building occupants through energy savings. Typical payback periods for newly constructed homes, in consideration of any additional dollars spent on foam insulation over conventional insulation, are 4 to 6 years. Before the wall board is installed you have one opportunity to install an insulation product that creates a more comfortable occupant environment while reducing energy usage. Check out our Products menu option to learn more.